CAD/JPY Daily Candlesticks & Ichimoku Chart
CAD/JPY looks poised to retrace back to 84 handle on the daily chart. With JPY trading strong given the uncertainty on the trade war front, it is a good countertrade to have in a portfolio that is risk-seeking.


CAD/JPY Weekly Candlesticks & Ichimoku Chart
On the weekly CAD/JPY chart, it looks like good risk/reward to sell against the bottom of the Ichimoku cloud. With both the daily (above) and weekly charts pointing in the same direction, it is worth a shot!


Vee, our Founder/CIO highlights patterns/formations on selected chart(s) every week which may have the potential to turn into trading opportunities. These charts are extracts of our weekly subscription product – “CIO’s Week Ahead Update” which provides analysis for the week ahead, first sent out on Monday of the week.

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