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  • Want to stay up-to-date with the markets? Our daily Market Summary collates the most important market movements and market sentiment in order for you to stay informed about the markets.

  • Are you a beginner at trading and want to start somewhere? Our 1-Day Courses will break down for you all there is to know about charts, indicators and finding trading levels suitable for your trading horizon. Also, we will help you to identify opportunities through the flurry of data releases, changing interest rates, geopolitical tensions, and enable you to express them through trading various financial products such as Foreign Exchange, Index Futures and others.

  • Are you analysing the markets as well as the Professional Traders? Take our Macro Quizzes and and learn how news and data releases impact market movements. Our comprehensive explanations will help you stay a step ahead of the rest of the pack and capitalise on trading opportunities!

  • You have some trading experience and now want to further improve on your Risk Management and Trading Psychology? Check out our 2-Day Bootcamp and I will guide you through a structured framework to execute your trades and manage your portfolio to minimise your losses and maximise your gains!

  • Looking for a career switch or an accelerated route for a referral to an Investment Bank or Hedge Fund? Join our flagship Incubation Programme, where you will be mentored on what Institutions look out for when hiring traders and develop a verified trading portfolio which will set you on your way to your dream job!

  • Want us to help you with the hard work? Join our Community Membership where the analysis will be done for you via our premium reports and podcasts. With our team of Professional Traders helping to filter out the noise so that you can focus on the key areas and find the right trades, you can also learn to think like a Professional Trader.

Access Macro Quizzes by clicking on IG Stories Highlights

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