QUIZ: How to Trade when China moves the Markets?

China’s One-Belt One-Road initiative gets approval for a huge infrastructure project funded by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Which currency pair will rise the most?
China is labelled a currency manipulator, and ahead of an upcoming Trump-Xi meeting, Xi Jinping decides to de-escalate tensions and appease Trump. What will most likely happen to the Chinese Renminbi (RMB)?
With the Chinese economy slowing, the authorities announce their resolve to introduce measures to boost consumer consumption and support economic growth. As the market starts to become convinced that the measures will work, what will be the next likely trend?
Chinese President, Xi Jinping, sends Chinese warships to the Taiwan Straits as a show of force to ratchet up tensions with American aircraft carriers present. Which of the following will most likely rise?
China decides to boycott U.S. products in retaliation to trade sanctions, which of the following companies will face material impact on their revenues?
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