bringing wall street to the main street

without the complexities

TrackRecord was founded by professional traders to provide world-class training to institutional traders in investment banks and hedge funds. Since its success, TrackRecord now tailor-makes its content and programmes to also suit retail traders as the demand for talent in the industry continues to grow.

Using the best of his knowledge and experience gained over the last 20 years, our CIO – Vee, has partnered up with established industry practitioners to develop programmes and content that will help traders from all walks of life understand the framework of risk-taking and become consistently better.

TrackRecord Mentors will be there to provide observation, evaluation, and guidance, allowing students to learn through real-life experiences.

Delivered by industry practitioners with extensive experience in investing and trading the relevant capital markets, our learning solutions are practical and will exceed your targeted needs.


p͟h͟a͟n͟ vee leung
cio, founder

Vee has over 20 years of professional experience heading teams in Investment Banks (JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Chase Manhattan, Deutsche Bank) and Hedge Funds. He specialises in Foreign Exchange, Rates, Equity Index Futures, Equities and Commodity Futures. Vee co-founded TrackRecord, a training academy for banks, hedge funds and retail traders. TrackRecord aims to provide its students – through a meticulously designed investing framework, deeper insights into the Science of Trading.

senior trader, analyst

Nick has over 3 years of experience in the Finance and Blockchain industry running an Algorithmic Fund and Investment Projects in Central Asia. He specialises in Global Macro and Monetary History. Nick supports the traders in TrackRecord and ensures their optimal development towards a professional trading career.