In our first networking event on 16 Jan 2020, we highlighted these Top 8 Macro Themes for 2020.

Cheap money from ultra-easy monetary Central Bank policies are driving asset prices higher and will continue to do so.

As the US Presidential Elections draw near, market will get increasingly nervous if Elizabeth Warren continue to make headway in the polls.

E-payments data analysis allows China to use monetary and fiscal policy tools to target specific segments of the economy that is faltering.

As China has agreed to stop manipulating the RMB, a likely scenario is for them to recycle their current account surplus not into USTs but into currencies of producer countries (e.g. South Korea) who compete with them.

Big tech firms continue to change the way we live and become better at monetising the data they are collecting from their users.

5G is not just about internet speed. It’s about enabling large-scale data collection from Internet of Things (IoTs).

Trading Algorithms are still controlled by humans and as machine-learning algorithms use historical data, human biases in price action will still be evident.

Social Media is creating an increasingly polarised world. You may never see the point of view which you disagree with.