If what you teach works, why don’t you do it yourself?
  • All our trainers are highly successful traders with proven track records and are still trading. We are using the same Investment Framework in our trades that we will be teaching you – hence, we are indeed still doing it ourselves!
  • We believe through the process of training people, we will be able to identify trading talents who can progress to our incubation platform for further development. We have invested in some of these talents and will continue to do so either by helping to raise external capital for them. This is how we use our trading skills and experience to create a highly scalable business.
There are thousands of courses on trading out there. Why are you different?
  • Credibility: We have credible mentors with proven track records.
  • Shortened Runway: We shorten the runway to success for you by helping you to avoid mistakes which we have made in our years of professional trading experience.
  • Structured Programme: We provide an investment framework, coupled with mentorship and a community platform, which ensures that you will be immersed in a conducive environment for learning even after the course.
  • Trade Performance Review: We have a proprietary algorithm which analyses your trading performance and helps our mentors provide you with the appropriate feedback, pointing out your pitfalls so that you do not make them again.
Is your training a guaranteed way of making money from trading?

No – and no other training firm can make you such a guarantee and make good of it.

However, if you follow the framework diligently and with discipline, your chances of success will be very high.

You will be trained to limit your losses in any of the following outcomes regardless of your idea generation:

  • If you have more good ideas than bad ones, you will be in a position to capitalise on these ideas profitably and consistently over the long run. This is because when you are right, you will be very profitable, and when you are wrong, your losses will be limited.
  • In the case where you have as many bad ideas as good ideas or you are just randomly picking trades without any discernible process, it is highly likely that you will break even in the long run and only lose the commissions of trading and the cost of trading (bid/offer spreads). This too will show in the analysis of trade histories which we conduct for our students in our mentorship programme. We will then guide you to improve your idea generation
  • If you consistently have bad trading ideas, you will, at worst, suffer only limited losses but you will realise that your trading ideas are consistently bad and you can do something about that before it is too late!
    In fact, there is value to being consistently wrong as well. The key is to be consistent! The joke in the trading rooms where you try to do the opposite of the guy who is consistently wrong does have some merits in the real world!
Why should I invest in your courses? There are plentiful of books/websites out there that provides free information on the same topics you are covering!

Consider this: If everyone were to follow the information given in websites, everyone would be rich, wouldn’t they? If professional traders working in top financial institutions are still struggling at trading, it will be even more difficult for the average retail trader who is relying on a few pieces of free information to be better off. If you intend to make consistent gains from trading, you would want to invest in quality education in order to give yourself the best possible chance of success. At TrackRecord, we provide training from mentors who have worked alongside the top traders in the world, and we can definitely provide you with insights that will enhance your trading performance.

How much time investment do I need?

For an amateur trader, staying in touch with the markets for 2 hours a day would be a good place to start. Exactly how much time is required is very much dependent on the individual involved. Students are encouraged to trade as frequently as they are comfortable to ensure that the framework become second-nature to them.

What are the outcomes I can expect from attending TrackRecord's courses?

Framework: You will have a robust Investment Framework condensed from 20 years of experience in hedge funds, investment banks and personal investments to guide your trading process.

If you follow the framework diligently and with discipline, you will increase your longevity of your trading career in the following ways:

  • You will be able to rectify any hidden weaknesses in your investment process before it is too late.
  • When you are wrong, you may still lose money, but your losses will be limited.
  • When you are right, you will make more money than the losses you incur for the times when you were wrong.
  • As such, over the long term, your gains will outpace your losses, and you will inevitably accrue profits consistently over the long term.

Mentorship: You will be guided by experienced mentors with a verifiable track record, who will be able to correct your mistakes and instill discipline in you. The mentors will also be able to provide you with the appropriate feedback with our proprietary algorithm that will analyse your trading performance. Mentors will share case studies gathered from their extensive years of experience, shortening the learning curve and laying a solid foundation for you. Every week, our CIO publishes a market report and conducts a risk call with other traders to analyse the trade events for the week and identifies charts which may turn into trading opportunities.

Community: You will be part of an active learning community – Traders’ Chat Forum – which helps you to bounce off ideas with different perspectives and motivate you to strive for the best. You will be involved in the idea exchange forum where there are sharing of insights and discussions of different macro views from the mentors and other students.

Your framework is compelling. I agree is teachable. How confident are you that people can learn?

We say with utmost confidence that if you are willing to put in the discipline and diligence to master our framework, you will succeed. We have seen successes in students we have mentored throughout the years. We have distilled the sum of lessons from our careers into a structured investment framework. We are confident enough to deal with the hardship of setting up a business to educate people about our investment framework, because we know anyone who is willing to learn about trading will find our framework to be immensely beneficial.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from our students who have gone through our courses!

I have zero experience in trading. Will I still be able to benefit from the course?

Yes. We try to minimise the use of technical jargon, and explain concepts in plain English whenever we can. In fact, it could be an advantage to have no experience as you will have less bad habits to unlearn! Here’s what Sandy, our student and a beginner to trading thinks about our course!

Do you teach fundamental/technical analysis?

Our repertoire of courses include a Technical Analysis course, after much request from our TrackRecord community to curate one. Our Technical Analysis course doesn’t focus on the theoretical which you can read from books or the Internet. Instead, our course focuses on specific patterns which our CIO, Vee and Senior Mentor, Darren use on a day-to-day basis for their own trading and in their professional careers. It is taught in an easy-to-understand manner, which one can analyse and execute immediately in your own trading. Crystallising our mentors’ vast experience into key candlestick patterns and interweaving it into TrackRecord’s proprietary Investment Framework, our “Trading for Profits with Technical Analysis” course received positive feedback from both beginner and experienced traders alike.

In the course and thereafter in the Traders’ Chat Forum, we also share case studies of trades which we have done over the length of our careers. We explain the rationale behind our trades – be it fundamentally or technically based – and also put it in the context of our Investment framework to enhance the learning process.

What products can the Investment Framework that you teach be traded on?

The Investment Framework is designed for any financial products that have liquidity during reasonable trading hours and acceptable bid/offer spreads. This means any markets that are transparent and do not have a high cost of trading can be traded using this Framework. For example, stock markets which are not manipulated, the foreign exchange markets and developed bond and futures markets.

What will happen at the end of the course?

There is always more to learn in trading, but after a certain point, classroom training is counterproductive without actual trading experience. That is why our programme incorporates time for students to get trading practice, in order to make the most of our Investment Knowledge Module.

Students are also given access to the Traders’ Forum where we discuss trading ideas and analyse market developments. Students can then see how we develop and conceptualise trading ideas in real time and how we trade those ideas according to the Investment Framework.

We are also currently developing software that will monitor our students’ trading histories and habits. The software acts as their virtual coach and helps keep them accountable to their trading process. Additionally, we also provide personal mentorship programmes for traders who believe that there is always more to learn and are looking to improve.