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TrackRecord Asia was founded by professional traders who believe that trading is both an art and a science. Using the best of his knowledge and experience gained over the last 20 years, our CIO – Vee, has created modules of training that will help traders from all walks of life understand the framework of risk, become more accountable to their process and ultimately become more profitable consistently over the long term. 

The best of TrackRecord’s CIO knowledge and experience gained over the last 20 years of trading will be condensed into training courses and weekly reports to help you trade profitably.

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Delivering in-house training to business executives and traders in hedge funds, Banks and corporates in Asia.

Some of our clients include Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC), ING Bank N.V. and NatWest Markets.

TrackRecord Pte. Ltd. is an accredited training provider certified by Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore (IBF). TrackRecord Pte. Ltd. is also SIDC-CPE Approved in Malaysia.

List of courses listed under the IBF-FTS scheme available for FTS funding (up to $2,000 each for Singaporeans and PRs):


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Our founders, mentors and trainers are experienced traders with proven and highly successful track records in both investment banks and hedge funds.



Using our extensive experience, we have painstakingly created a structured framework which can be used by traders to form a robust and practical Investment Process.



Using the framework diligently and with discipline, coupled with our mentoring, learners will achieve the performance which they aspire to.


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